Keep On Keepin’ On

A recent Junkgypsy Instagram post asked which type of person are you on a road trip? Do I see the destination as the goal or the trip as the goal?

A synonym for destination: journey’s end.

Am I a destination person or a journey person? Do I focus on the journey or the journey’s end? Remembering to focus on both the destination & the journey is so important for road trips & in life. Is getting to the end of life, the destination, the most important goal? The journey sometimes is forgotten as we rush around. The journey may be on an unexpected road and so we hurry to get back to the “correct” road to reach our destination. Experiencing the journey has led me to wonderful jewels like Santa Fe, Gulf Shores, Flagler. In these places, I have loved eating at The Pink Adobe, Original Oyster House, The Funky Pelican. Experiencing the journey in my life has meant facing food allergies, financial challenges, betrayal but because of these I have found new foods, learned super frugal strategies, & grew stronger in spite of a broken heart.

We all may be tempted to ignore the journey in our hurry to get to the destination. But what happens when we are at our destination and look back and only recall rushing and hurrying? Running the Chicago Marathon, or any of the races I have run, has led me to be a different person at the finish line from who I was at the start line. Without the journey, the destination would be pointless.

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