Keep On Keepin’ On

Today I am reminded even more of the importance of expressing your love everyday with those around you because you never know if it might be the last time. Within the past few weeks, I was reunited with my cat as I moved him to my house after finding my Mom had a head injury. Because he was such a sweet cat, I hated taking him back once I found a house as it seemed like my Mom needed the company. But when I found him, my heart was saddened as somewhere in the process of my Moms injury, it’s unclear if he had been fed recently. So I rushed him out of her house and back with me to another state. The past few weeks, this household was blessed by his sweetness as I attempted to wean his weight up and care for his fur which had become matted. He and my German Shepherd seemed to be long lost friends, both drinking out of the same water bowl in spite of my attempt to give them each their own. I cherished his sweet little face and scooped him up everyday like a loved little baby. He would lay in front of the window looking out over the front yard and also getting to watch over the house. But this afternoon as I looked over, he was laying in a way I had not seen before and so I knew. My heart is so sad and yet grateful for the over 19 years I had with him. I am glad he went peacefully in his spot surrounded by those of us who loved him. But his sweet little face will always be a cherished image and something I will miss kissing each day. Thank you Ricky.

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