Keep On Keepin’ On


I had no idea the huge burden being POA attaches to one’s life! How is one person supposed to do so much stuff while maintaining employment? The expectations companies have of a POA are impossible in this country. And yet if I don’t do the things, who does them for my Mom? After faxing POA paperwork three times, attempts at cancelling an account of my Mom’s still has not occurred. Every time I call the company, they inform me they “never received the fax”. And yet magically the same change of address request included in the fax has been implemented. I ask for information on how to visit an in person agent in my area and am told I will have to drive from Illinois to Minnesota, a 7 hour drive, with my Mom who has dementia. Sure! I will get right on that as the last trip was such a thrill, having to pull off the side of the road while she repeatedly removed her seatbelt. And then a state trooper visiting to figure out why we were pulled over. This is one of multiple multiple companies! As POA, I am trying to figure out how to find a new job while managing all of these responsibilities since I had to relinquish my previous job with FMLA exhausted after 10 weeks. I am going to lose my own house while being POA for my Mom and her property and assets. Great!

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