Keep On Keepin’ On

It’s hard to love the person while trying to fight off the monster. Trying to fight off the monster, but not the person you love, requires carefulness, diligence, persistent awareness of your own boundaries. We all have a monster within us. For some of us, the monster is addiction. For some, the monster is an illness like diabetes or lupus. For others, the monster is psychiatric illness which our loved one is trying to battle. And so you do your best to try and fight it together. Although it’s hard to be the only one to know a loved one is fighting such a battle, knowing prepares you for when others finally realize the monster. Because it’s that time when people run from the “monster”, forgetting the one they love. It’s then that your loved one feels the abandonment you felt long ago, when you faced the monster by yourself when no one else understood or believed. And so you fight the monster together that others cannot face.

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