Keep On Keepin’ On

Feeling wounded by anothers’ attempt to put out my light, I become aware of my tendency to hide the light within me. “Maybe if I am dim, I won’t attract their attention (and avoid being wounded again)” is what I say to myself. It seems like some people are only happy when extinguishing the light in others. And so you guard the light within you, hoping no one will notice, for fear of again attracting the darkness that so eagerly wants to dim your light. I forget that I should not misunderstand criticism as fact that I do not belong in this world or that I am not worthy. My light may be dimmed by criticism but I should not dim the light myself for fear of being wounded by another wounded spirit. I meditate on Mark 4:21: “Jesus also said to them, ‘Does anyone bring in a lamp so he can place it under a basket or under a bed?’” Matthew 5:15: “Instead they set it on a lamp stand, & it gives light to everyone in the house.” I am reminded that by dimming my own light, I am allowing the darkness to win. I realize my own selfishness, an attempt at self-preservation, does not help me or this world. I am me for a reason in this world. I must keep shining my own light and recall the saying that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle but also that a candle serves no purpose hidden under a bushel.

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