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Connect the dots: Intro/Gulf Shores, AL

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This is the start of a new series called “Connect the dots”. Connect the Dots (#CTD #Connect the Dots) entails identifying 5 great things about a place visited. CTD helps make the world a smaller place as hopefully reading about a place may spark someone else to visit the place therefore connecting the dots. Connecting the dots in a sense of a person going from one place, one dot to another dot but also more than one person each enjoying a shared dot. Hopefully Connect the Dots will spark inspiration but also remind us, although different and unique, we all can share common loves. Each of us may love different places for different reasons which makes a dot even more of a woven tapestry amongst each other.

My first Dot: Gulf Shores, Alabama

  1. Beautiful, yet friendly, beachside gem. Even if you are not staying on the beach, no worries! Gulf State Park is 2 miles of beach with the Pavilion open 7am to sunset daily. Parking at the Pavilion is a very reasonable $10 for the full day.
  2. Wonderful foods of all kinds, all prices. Even going to the grocery store here to stock inexpensive meals is a treat! My favorite markets include Rouses Market, Waves Groceries, Pier 33.
  3. Oysters!!!!! Need I say more. If you love oysters like I do, you will love Gulf Shores.
  4. Fun spots like Sea N Suds, Flora-Bama, the Hangout, Lulu’s offer great views, food, entertainment.
  5. Being on the Gulf, I love getting to see the sunrise AND sunset over the beach among the beauty of the wildlife, shells, and never ending sky.

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